If you have never been through a disaster before this will be a very difficult time for you and your family. The obstacles such as displacement from your home to the loss or restoration of personal belongings that have sentimental and/or irreplaceable value will become overwhelming or perhaps you have been through this and remember how difficult it was and how much money you lost or wasted.

Disaster Adjusting Can Help!

  • There is inventory to prepare, documents to be filled out and filed, terms and definitions to understand. By undertaking this task alone without support and assistance is a mistake. Disaster Adjusting becomes a valuable tool in your recovery
  • It is your responsibility to prove your claim, perform duties and meet deadlines. Our many years of experience in these matters make the difference between success and failure with your loss. This process may take months to complete to its end and more than likely you will have a family, job, or other commitments to address


The atmosphere with your adjuster may change once you have decided to level the playing field by hiring Disaster Adjusting. This means they will have to know their job, do their job, address disputes, negotiate a settlement, but most of all they will have to Pay More Money!

Dwelling Estimating Process and Settlement

  • Disaster Adjusting prepares estimates and/or makes adjustments to the adjuster’s estimates going over items missed, priced incorrectly, quality adjustments, disputes over damage, etc…
  • Additional experts in their field may be brought in to assist in the settlement and justification of that item

Note: Do not trust this process solely to your insurance company’s adjuster or their preferred contractor.

Personal Property (contents) Inventory Process and Settlement

  • Disaster Adjusting prepares or assists in the inventory of all personal property or contents damaged or salvageable. This is a very tedious and time consuming process especially with a large homeowner loss
  • Many insurance companies expect the owner to prepare this list. The policy states that the burden of proof is yours. Disaster Adjusting will assume this responsibility and assist you with the proper settlement of your loss

Note: If not done or processed properly you may lose thousands of dollars and never fully recover from those mistakes.

Additional Living Expense (ALE)

  • Disaster Adjusting will assist you in finding temporary housing while your loss is being handled and until repairs are completed. Many insurance companies try to pay as minimal amount as possible for this time period
  • We do not want you to sacrifice your living conditions while going through this difficult time
  • We will provide you with advice and assistance for the extra expenses you may incur due to being temporarily displaced from your home

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