Duties after the Loss

  • Give immediate notice to your insurance carrier
  • Notify the police in case of physical loss by theft
  • Notify the credit card, electronic fund transfer card or access device, forgery and counterfeit money coverage
  • Protect the covered property from further damage. If repairs to the covered property are required, you must:
    • Make reasonable and necessary repairs to protect covered property
    • Keep an accurate record of repair expenses
  • Cooperate with us in the investigation of a claim
  • Prepare an inventory of damaged personal property showing the quantity, description, actual cash value and amount of physical loss and attach bills, receipts and related documents that justify the figures in the inventory
  • You may be asked to provide or submit:
    • Exhibits for the damaged property
    • Records and documents we request and permit us to make copies
    • Submit to examination under oath, while not in the presence of another insured, and sign the same (by the insurance company)

Deadline for a Proof of Loss 60 Days

In a case of a physical loss to Covered Property the insurance policy requires you to submit a proof of loss within 60 days after the loss or upon their request. They will pledge to have no duty to provide coverage under policy if the failure to comply with the following duties are not met.

  • The questions they will ask can rarely be answered accurately with the correct amounts of damage such as structure, personal property and additional living expense cost. This even becomes more difficult when it comes to a Commercial Policy with all the coverages and endorsements attached
  • Disaster Adjusting will assist you in filling out this paperwork, filing for the proper extensions and/or filling out attachments to the Proof of Loss that will allow you to add additional information or amounts at a later date if necessary

Deadline to Notify Intent to Repair or Replace 180 Days

In a case of a physical loss to Covered Property the insurance policy requires you must notify the insurance company within 180 days of your loss and show intent to repair or replace you property in order to recover any depreciable amounts or funds owed.

  • Many Companies will give you up to a year after the date of loss to replace your Covered Property after notification
  • We must read your policy to see how much time they will allow

Deadline of Additional Living Expense Time

We must read the policy to see what your policy states. However many policies will allow whatever expense or time frame within reason to the lesser of the two time frames.

  1. Time to rebuild or replace
  2. Time to find and purchase other property if relocated

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