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Disaster Adjusting has experienced public adjusters, licensed by the Department of Insurance to assist homeowners and business owners settle their claims by assessing, estimating, inventorying, and documenting every detail of an insurance loss from fire, water, storm, or other insurance-related disasters. We work for you and not the insurance company, having your best interest in mind.

Preparing and processing your claim takes many years of experience and training in order to submit it to your insurance company properly. We work closely with you, making sure that all your paperwork such as estimates, documentation, duties, and deadlines are completed properly without leaving you exposed to future issues such as denials, limited coverages, or settlement amounts.

It is your responsibility to prove your claim (burden of proof). However, after a loss, your insurance company will generally send out a staff or independent adjuster employed by them to assess the damages on their behalf. They claim they are there for you, but they are there on behalf of the company that is paying for your loss. This is nothing less than a conflict of interest. They are teamed with engineers, adjusters, managers, accountants, and a legal team to back and represent them. Who do you have?

Disaster Adjusting works and fights for you while you attempt to get your life and/or business stabilized.

The earlier Disaster Adjusting is brought in, the better the opportunities are for helping the policyholder obtain the best settlement possible. Mistakes will be made, evidence will be contaminated, moved, or disposed of. Most of all the wrong things will be said (innocently) during a conversation or recorded statement that you cannot retract or change that may negatively affect your settlement or even cause a denial of your claim.
  • Review and identify all of the coverages that may be applicable to your claim
  • Assist in any immediate damage containment of your properties
  • Thoroughly review your loss and damaged items in order to provide a detailed scope of repairs and inventory of damaged personal property/contents
  • Provide you with handouts, pamphlets, or information to help you help us obtain necessary information about your loss, expenses, business interruption, and other items necessary to obtain your settlement
  • Setting up and attending all meetings with your adjuster, the owner or representative of the loss regularly
  • Walk you through this process every step of the way

Property insurance claims are complicated and very time-consuming. The mistakes made during this process are very costly. Our services in just one of the coverages we handle in your loss generally cover the total expense of your fee. It is generally a small percentage of your loss or sometimes a set fee is determined. It is minimal in relation to your claim settlement and is offset by the increased settlement we historically collect.

In addition to the time saved, less stress, and peace of mind. Our fee is based on your comfort level and customers have found that it was the best investment they could have made.

Delay Deny and Defend

The carrier and adjuster assigned to your claim may seem very cordial and helpful at the beginning, making it appear that everything is going to be ok, and they are taking good care of you.

HOWEVER, make no mistake, insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and not you. The goal of an insurance company is to minimize the amount paid out.

Delaying the loss for one reason or another, Denying your claim completely or just certain coverages, while Defending their position and forcing you to Defend yourself. There is another option and that is to hire a public adjuster in CO at Disaster Adjusting.

Appraisals & Umpiring

Hail Damage



Water Damage

Roofing & Exterior

Moisture Mapping

Conflict of interest?

The risk of a conflict of interest is inherent in this relationship because when one person (your insurance adjuster) attempts to represent both sides of a financial transaction and obligation (you and your insurance company), they must either compromise or choose a side to represent—and you know which side that is!

So who has MY back?

Disaster Adjusting has your back! With over 40yrs of experience in commercial and residential insurance claims settlements. We are experts in interpreting and understanding your insurance policy coverages for commercial and residential properties including all of the endorsements, exclusions, business interruption, extra expense, additional living, personal property, and depreciation recovery. We work for you not the insurance company. Contact us today to work with a public adjuster in CO!

Disaster Adjusting

Fighting for YOU to recover what is rightfully yours and give you “peace of mind” that your loss is handled correctly!


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Commercial Property Loss

Whether it is fire, hail, wind or another natural disaster, commercial claims have a unique challenge and circumstances that surround it that can become overwhelming. Not only will you need to maintain your operations, but you may also need to move to a temporary site, gather information probably not readily available to you, and attempt to understand the claim process.


If your claim is not submitted and processed properly, you may lose thousands or even millions of dollars depending on the size of your claim, and sometimes never fully recover from those mistakes.

Disaster Adjusting Can Help!

There are many different coverages, endorsements, and limitations to consider in a commercial or business policy. Our many years of experience in these matters make the difference between success and failure with your loss. We will navigate through this, obtain information, and present it to your insurance company so you receive the maximum settlement on all your coverages the apply, such as Building, Business Personal Property, Business Interruption & Extra Expenses, Special Deductibles that may apply, and many others.

For more information, please contact us.


Residential Property Loss

Can range from a very simple residential claim such as water backup, to a much larger more complex property loss such as a Fire, Hail, Water, or Natural Disaster. If you have never been through a disaster before, this will be a very difficult time for you and your family. The obstacles such as displacement from your home, finding a competent restoration contractor, inventory of your personal belongings to be priced and aged for depreciation, and so on.


It is your responsibility to prove your claim, perform duties, and meet deadlines. Our many years of experience in these matters make the difference between success and failure with your loss. This process may take months to complete to its end and more than likely you will have a family, job, or other commitments to address.

Do not trust the insurance carriers preferred or recommended contractors or solely on the adjusters estimate and offer. These and other common mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars and possibly never fully recover from the loss.

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