Don’t just believe us – allow the Milon family to tell you about how we can also help YOU…

Your property is a big investment! Have us review your insurance policy BEFORE you have an insurance property loss.

However, should you experience a disaster, do the following…

  • Contact your insurance company, then
  • IMMEDIATELY contact Disaster Adjusting, a specialty Public Adjusting company that will work for YOU to recover what is rightfully yours, and also give you peace-of-mind throughout the entire traumatic process!

Most insurance companies are not necessarily bad, and their claims adjuster may be cordial to you, HOWEVER…

Make no mistake, insurance adjusters work for and are accountable to their insurance company. And the goal of an insurance company is to maximize insurance premium payments (their revenue), and to minimize your claim payout (their costs). So they will attempt to settle your claim with the lowest possible payout that generally meets the minimum requirements of your insurance policy.

Not only that, but insurance adjusters are often also busy handling a large caseload of claims, and must split their time up to handle multiple claims at any given time. So their availability and dedication to YOUR loss is diminished.

Isn’t this a Conflict of Interest?

The risk of a conflict of interest is inherent in this relationship, because when one person (your insurance adjuster) attempts to represent both sides of a financial transaction and obligation (you and your insurance company), they must either compromise or choose a side to represent – and you know which side that is!

So who has MY back?

A “Public Adjuster” has your back! A good Public Adjuster is an experienced person or company that specializes in mediating and handling insurance claims on behalf of the policyholder. They have both sales and claims knowledge and keep current with the insurance industry so that they can work knowledgeably with the insurance adjuster. They should also be experts when it comes to the restoration process, with an understanding of structural renovations and construction, both commercial and residential, and how to best interpret your insurance policy coverages and endorsements including business interruption, extra expense, personal property, additional living expense, and depreciation recovery. So when a disaster strikes, you’ll know to call Disaster Adjusting immediately after contacting your insurance company, and before you do anything else!

Disaster Adjusting is the only one who will work on YOUR behalf to recover what is rightfully yours and give you “peace-of-mind” that your loss is handled correctly!

Bill Watterud

President, Disaster Adjusting
Bill Watterud President, Disaster Adjusting
Susan Pierce-Watterud Co-Owner

Mistakes can be made early!

Most major mistakes are made by policyholders within the first few hours or days after their disaster. We will help you to avoid saying or doing something that will negatively affect your insurance claim, or even cause a complete denial of your total loss.

Know your insurance policy!

Recent US surveys show that over 60% of homes and over 70% of businesses are under-insured. In our experience, many commercial and residential policyholders do not have a full understanding or have even read through their policy, thus they often have no idea of their coverages, endorsements, exclusions, or what they are entitled to. Before you experience a loss, have Disaster Adjusting review your policy for you!

How do we make money?

First, there is no upfront out-of-pocket money owed! We only ask for a relatively small fee based on a percentage of the final settlement, and ONLY after you have received all appropriate payments due to you. Historically we have dramatically increased the settlement that would cover the fee amount, all while managing your entire claim, which allows you to care for your family or business, adding value and giving you peace-of-mind throughout your loss recovery efforts.