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Most insurance companies are basically the same

Some are just worse than others. The adjuster assigned to your claim may seem very cordial and helpful at the beginning making it appear that everything is going to be ok and they are taking good care of you… HOWEVER…

Make no mistake, insurance adjusters work for The Insurance Company. The goal of an insurance company is to maximize insurance premium payments and to minimize your claim. They will attempt to settle your claim with the lowest possible payout.

Don’t just take our word for it! — allow the Milon family to tell you
how we can help YOU!

Interiors of a burnt-out kitchen

Your commercial property is a big investment! Have us complete an onsite inspection of your property and it’s exposure with a PRE-LOSS inspection prior to you having an insurance loss to minimize any dispute in coverage.

However, should you experience a disaster, do the following…

  • Contact your insurance company to file a claim
  • Being careful what you say or agree to
  • IMMEDIATELY contact Disaster Adjusting, a specialty public adjusting company that will work for YOU to recover what is rightfully yours, and give you peace of mind throughout the entire traumatic process
  • Where we can begin walking you through the claims process and avoid making any innocent mistakes that will affect your claim

Conflict of interest?

The risk of a conflict of interest is inherent in this relationship because when one person (your insurance adjuster) attempts to represent both sides of a financial transaction and obligation (you and your insurance company), they must either compromise or choose a side to represent—and you know which side that is!

Disaster Adjusting

So who has MY back?

Disaster Adjusting has your back! A good Public Adjuster is an experienced person or company that specializes in Negotiations and claims settlements on behalf of the policyholder.

Disaster Adjusting has over 35yrs of experience in commercial and residential insurance claims settlements. We are experts in interpreting and understanding your insurance policy coverages, endorsements, exclusions, duties and deadlines, business interruption, extra expense, personal property, additional living expense, and depreciation recovery.

Disaster Adjusting

Fighting for YOU to recover what is rightfully yours and give you “peace of mind” that your loss is handled correctly!


Commercial Property: Fire/Water

I’ve known Mr. Watterud for over 15 years and have used his services many times over those years, both personally and for my business clients. Bill is in my opinion the most knowledgeable adjuster in the industry. I’m a commercial real estate broker and I’ve had clients that have had severe damage and received settlement checks from their insurance company, I’ve suggested they call Disaster Adjusting to make sure they’re being treated fairly and the results have been astounding. Bill not only knows the business so well but he’s so detail oriented that there isn’t a screw head or nail that isn’t accounted for. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of calling Disaster Adjusting immediately after the damage occurs as there are things that we as consumers don’t understand and should do and not do that make an immense difference in the recovery of your precious belongings and property.

I can say without reservation that you’ll receive the best representation from Disaster Adjusting available anywhere. I don’t give many references but this is one company that I know I’m giving my clients the best company for the job and will continue to do so whenever there’s a client in need.

Bill Drinkall, Director

Multi-Housing Group – Bradley Company

Homeowner Property: Fire

“Bill represented me as a public adjuster in the loss of my home to a fire on November 12, 2014. We lost everything in the fire. I was an emotional wreck, disoriented and lost until Bill Watterud introduced himself to me as a public adjuster. Of course my insurance company advised against having one because they said I didn’t need one, but thank God I did the right thing and hired Bill anyways.

When my husband and I first met Bill, we were a mess and were on a roller coaster with our insurance company from day one. He sat down with the both of us and explained among our million and three questions that this is only day one and we need to take it as such. One step at a time was the advice he gave and the advice we took.

Bill was a true professional from hello. Even in the worst and most impossible situations Bill showed courage and determination throughout every aspect. He definitely did not let our insurance company low ball us or leave our family displaced. He made sure we had the best for our kids and for our situation. He kept all our best interests at hand.

Bill turned a huge tragedy into a positive outlook and gave us hope where we had little. He was definitely the right man for the job and he earned his fee, even though he altered it in our best interest, dealing with me, he earned it. Bill (Batman) as I call him was always on top of everything and never skipped a beat. He kept me calm and gave us our lives back with all his time, patience, and effort, for that he is our HERO!

I would recommend Bill Watterud Disaster Adjusting to anyone in need of his wonderful services.”

Fauline & William Altamirano

Commercial Property: Fire

We had a fire January 6, 2014 during the major snow storms, we lost our entire office and it shut down the plant from water and smoke damage. Our insurance company had not done anything to get us moved or get us back up and running for over a month, we were working out of our home. Once we spoke to Bill, he got things going right away. He had us moved into an office space and made sure our home back to normal. I don’t know anyone else that would have put the time, effort and dedication with the heart that Bill Watterud did in our case. We would recommend Bill to anyone going through a loss with their insurance company and would give them the same advice that the lawyer gave us to not go it alone, it was the best decision we made.

Steve and Vickie Schwenn

Owners – Viking, Inc.

Homeowner Property: Collapse

We would like to thank Bill Watterud for all his help in getting our home repaired. His persistence with our insurance company made it possible for the repairs to be done. He is passionate about his work and we would recommend him to do an outstanding job.

Walt and Georgia German

Commercial Property: Fire

Bill is a stand up guy, he went to bat for me when I had a devastating fire at my business, he knows how the system works. I am 100% satisfied with all he did for me if anyone has a disaster and has to deal with an insurance company don’t go it alone. Have Bill in your corner you will not regret it.

Brian Kmitta

Owner – Anchor Inn

Homeowner Property: Fire

Our home was totally damaged by fire. We have adopted Bill and his family as a part of our family. If you ever need a person who is honest and dedicated to his profession we recommned Bill Watterud. He is knowledgeable and he goes far beyond what is expected.

The Lozano Family

Commercial Property: Fire

I want to personally thank you for the work and support you have been to Taylor Chapel as we have worked through the process of negotiating with our insurance company, and now moving forward with rebuilding – largely due to your skills and efforts in representing us. We would most likely not be, even now, at this point of rebuilding if not for your persistent ‘second stop in visit’ to offer your assistance.

Steve Conner

Taylor Chapel United Methodist Church

Homeowner Property: Fire

Our home was devastated by fire, and we found ourselves homeless. However, we never felt alone because Mr. Watterud kept us informed and our hopes up throughout our loss. He and his company took care of my family and I as if we were his own.

Bradley Grover and Family

Commercial Property: Fire/water

We would highly recommend Bill Watterud and Disaster Adjusting for anyone dealing with a property insurance claim. We were introduced to Mr. Watterud through our realtor who was working to sell our commercial property. During the entire process Mr. Watterud kept us up to date with the processes and estimated timelines. Our company had not used this type of service before, but we will definitely be using them anytime we have property damage. This time our first call will be to Bill Watterud, not our insurance company.

Angelica Gardner

Vice President – Blackburne & Sons

Rental Property: Fire

I recently engaged the services of Disaster Adjusting to assist me in an insurance claim. The Claim stemmed from an apartment fire. Though I have what I think is a fair insurance company, I simply would not have known about the many things that Mr. Bill Watterud pointed out during the process of the claim. Thanks to Mr. Watterud, my apartment is in the pristine condition that it was before the fire.

If you have not gone through the process of a claim, you can’t possibly know or understand what goes into it. Disaster Adjusting made sure everything was in laymans terms for the benefit of my understanding. I really appreciate the job Bill did for me and would recommend him to whomever may read this, if your in the position I was: not knowing where to begin or what to expect. Now that I do know, I would still hire Disaster Adjusting, simply for the good job they did for me. To all readers of this, I would suggest you at least agree to discuss the ways in which they will assist you.

Gernard Payton

Executive Officer – Payton Property Group LLC

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

The states we are licensed in are:

  • Colorado

  • Kentucky

  • Michigan

  • New Mexico

  • Indiana

  • Tennessee

  • Oklahoma

  • Wyoming

  • Ohio

  • Texas

  • Iowa

Mistakes can be made early!

Most major mistakes are made by policyholders within the first few hours or days after their disaster. We will help you to avoid saying or doing something that will negatively affect your insurance claim or even cause a complete denial of your claim. Do not allow anyone to preform services without a cost and clear understanding of your coverages or options! SLOW DOWN!

Are You Under-Insured?

Recent US surveys show that over 60% of homes and over 70% of businesses are under-insured. In our experience, many commercial and residential policyholders do not have a full understanding or have even read through their policy, thus they often have no idea of their coverages, endorsements, exclusions, or what they are entitled to. Let us review your commercial or multifamily properties with a pre-loss inspection to minimize your exposure.

How do we get paid?

First, there is no upfront out-of-pocket money owed! We only ask for a relatively small fee based on a percentage of the settlement. We have dramatically increased the settlements of our clients, many over 100% of what the insurance company first offered. By our managing your entire claim you will have peace of mind,  go back to work and care for your family knowing your property investment is being well taken care of…This may be one of the most valuable assets of using a public adjuster.