Disaster Adjusting Works For You!

We have many years of hands on experience in handling all types of Fire and Smoke Damages. Each Fire or Smoke Damaged property has its own unique issues and challenges depending on the complexity of the loss. What they all have in common is that there are damages not visible behind the walls, above the ceilings, behind trim and molding, traveling through mechanical outlets & openings, and other affected areas not visible unless inspected thoroughly with your best interest in mind.


  • Staff or independent adjusters have been trained and schooled on how to settle claims with a minimal amount of expense. They are paid by and work for the insurance company that handles your claim. That is a Conflict of Interest!

  • Insurance adjusters won’t go over your complete policy and explain everything covered

  • Insurance companies have a financial relationship with their own preferred contractors

  • Do not make any decisions without consulting an expert who has Your Best Interest in Mind!

  • Do not remove items or allow anyone to pack-out your personal or business property without an estimated cost

  • Do not sign anything, begin demolition or repairs until you know the total extent of your loss

  • Do not use your insurance company’s contractor, they have a financial relationship with each other

Home or Commercial

  • Review all policy information related to your loss and assure your maximum settlement is reached

  • Look and inspect for damages not clearly visible

  • Assist in working with you and your contractor so they understand the settlement

Personal or Business Property (Contents)

  • Inspect and inventory items prior to removal

  • Obtain a cost of restoration prior to removal to assure your money is not wasted

  • Make sure Contractors, Vendors, Dry-cleaners or Others do not pack-out items that should be replaced not cleaned

Additional Living Expenses / Business Interruption

  • We will assist you in relocating to a property that suits you and your family or Business needs

  • We will provide you with pamphlets and assist you in completion of all expenses and the recovery of your loss

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