You are about to embark on a very unique challenge and circumstances that surround it that can become overwhelming. Not only will you need to maintain your operations, you may need to move to a temporary site, gather information probably not readily available to you, you will have to disclose many documents and records pertaining to your finances, business ownership, cost of operations and many other items.


If your claim is processed properly you may Lose Thousands or even Millions of Dollars depending on the size of your claim and never fully recover from those mistakes.

Disaster Adjusting Can Help!

This is where our services becomes a valuable tool in your recovery. Our many years of experience in these matters make the difference between success and failure with your loss. We will navigate you through this, obtain, information, and present it to your insurance company.

Dwelling Estimating Process and Settlement

  • Disaster Adjusting prepares estimates and/or makes adjustments to the adjuster’s estimates going over items missed, priced incorrectly, quality adjustments, disputes over damage, etc…
  • Additional experts in their field may be brought in to assist in the settlement and justification of that item

Business Personal Property (contents) Process Settlement

  • Many different coverages or endorsements apply to a commercial policy that most are unaware of or where to place them. We will assists in this very tedious and time consuming process
  • We will assist in the inventory. They expect the owner to prepare this list. The policy states that the burden of proof is yours
  • Specialists (your vendors or others) may be brought in to assess and document damages as soon as possible

Business Interruption / Extra Expenses / Many Other Coverages

  • We will assist you in relocating and setting up the operations of your business to minimize your loss
  • We will assist you in the completion of all your expenses and the recovery of your loss
  • There may be over 15 different coverage’s and endorsements possible and these will all need explained for proper placement

Note: With all Business and Commercial Claims it is necessary to meet at the property and go through your policy and loss on site to determine what coverage applies.

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