Fire Damage Claims in Colorado Springs, CO

When a fire has devastated your home, you often need help from your insurance to restore your home to what it was. However, your insurance company might not provide the maximum claim amount you’re entitled to. Instead of relying on an insurance adjuster, turn to a public adjuster at Disaster Adjusting. We help with all fire damage claims in Colorado Springs, CO.

What Damage Can Fire Create?

Besides ruining your home and your possessions, fire can leave your property unsafe and hazardous to your health. While you might think you can still live in your home after a fire, this is usually not advisable due to the smoke, soot, and toxins potentially still hanging around.

So with fire damage, you not only need to restore your home but find suitable housing while your home undergoes restoration. All of this takes money, and since your insurance should cover these costs, you might think that the solution is simply filling your claim. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Why Should You Get a Public Adjuster?

Many insurance adjusters will provide a monetary claim figure that doesn’t cover everything you need to enjoy your home once more. Instead of depending on your insurance company for reliable coverage, get a public adjuster who will ensure you get the maximum amount for your claim. We will look over the damage and your available coverage, then we will ensure that you do everything right on the claims form.

With our help, you can enjoy all that you’re entitled to. We will speak with the insurance company on your behalf and negotiate a claim that benefits you—not the insurance company.

How Can You Get Started?

With our experience in helping with fire damage insurance claims, we are eager to hear from you. Call today at (888) 675-0911 or contact us online. We will be happy to assist in any way possible.

Mistakes can be made early!

Most major mistakes are made by policyholders within the first few hours or days after their disaster. We will help you to avoid saying or doing something that will negatively affect your insurance claim or even cause a complete denial of your claim. Do not allow anyone to preform services without a cost and clear understanding of your coverages or options! SLOW DOWN!

Are You Under-Insured?

Recent US surveys show that over 60% of homes and over 70% of businesses are under-insured. In our experience, many commercial and residential policyholders do not have a full understanding or have even read through their policy, thus they often have no idea of their coverages, endorsements, exclusions, or what they are entitled to. Let us review your commercial or multifamily properties with a pre-loss inspection to minimize your exposure.

How do we get paid?

First, there is no upfront out-of-pocket money owed! We only ask for a relatively small fee based on a percentage of the settlement. We have dramatically increased the settlements of our clients, many over 100% of what the insurance company first offered. By our managing your entire claim you will have peace of mind,  go back to work and care for your family knowing your property investment is being well taken care of…This may be one of the most valuable assets of using a public adjuster.