Why use Disaster Adjusting?

  1. Disaster Adjusting has a unique combination of expert knowledge and experience ranging from hands-on project management, reconstruction, contents/personal property inventory and restoration with years of claims negotiation, settlements and policy interpretation due to fire, storm, flood, vandalism and other perils.

  2. Our mission is to provide you with the best assistance possible in handling your insurance claim or dispute with the commitment to our clients that they achieve the maximum settlement of their claim while reducing the stress and amount of time it takes to settle their loss.

Why not work with my insurance company’s adjuster?

  1. Staff and independent adjusters work for the insurance companies and have their company’s best interest in mind first.

  2. They are employed and paid by that company to settle the loss with as minimal amount of expense as possible.

Why use a public adjuster?

  1. A public adjuster works only for the property owner. The fee is offset by the increased amount of recovery and time loss of handling the claim properly.

  2. Historically public adjusters collect more money and collect their fee when you get paid.

What does a public adjuster do?

  1. A licensed public adjuster will inventory the structure and personal property of your loss, present your case to the insurance company, and will make sure you receive the best settlement in a prompt manner. A good public adjuster has experience in the industry, understands your policy coverage’s, and the insurance company’s responsibilities.

  2. They are experts in reading the fine print and understanding your policy in order to negotiate a better settlement with the insurance companies. Public adjusters are required to pass certification examinations, attain a surety bond, and obtain a license from that state.

Why not work with a preferred or recommended contractor?

  1. If recommended by your insurance company they already have a financial and/or contractual relationship with them. When push comes to shove how can you actually trust that they are on your side or giving you the best advice possible in handling your claim. We recommend you choose your own contractor.

  2. If they are only a contractor than they simply do not have the authority to speak, negotiate, or settle the loss on your behalf with your best interest in mind.