Bill Watterud, President/Owner

Licensed Public Adjuster

I am a Public Adjuster, Licensed by the Department of Insurance and a second generation business owner with over 35 years of specialized experience in negotiations, settlements, and disputes relating to Residential, Commercial and Industrial Insurance property losses such as Fire, Water, Storm and Other Disasters.

For over 40 years my father owned and operated a reputable restoration company specializing in insurance repairs. At the age of 25 I took over our family business. Over the next few years I found the industry changing and I was constantly arguing with insurance companies and their adjusters to receive the proper settlement for persons dealing with a property claim. My firsthand experience in dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters was that most of them had little or no restoration experience, with their primary goal being to settle the loss for the least amount of expense. Most of the damages to the properties are not clearly visible or cannot be addressed until some items are removed and/or tore out for the damage to be exposed. However, my hands on experience in demolition, reconstruction, cleaning, and restoration made this easy for me to prove.

Once a preferred contractor for different insurance companies, I can tell you with firsthand experience that the insurance company wants to do things their way and work with a contractor they can control. That did not last long for me. I was not going to sacrifice my integrity and our good name in order to conform to doing things the way they wanted.

With the rapid decline in the services many insurance companies provided their policy holders; delayed payments, placing them in substandard housing, not wanting to pay for the complete damages, covering up damages, and many more unacceptable practices, either from lack of experience or lack of integrity, I drew a line in the sand many years ago as to whose side I was going to be on. Yours, the policy holder.

I began fighting for you against the insurance company and their preferred contractors. I later found that my experience would be best utilized as a Licensed Public Adjuster when it comes to this battle.

Disaster Adjusting is a product of that commitment to you (the insured) and my continued promise to do my very best to serve you, and fight for you when nessessary to achieve the best settlement possible.